Whats going on?

LordHalo Owner posted Jan 30, 18

Hey Bingers! 

Its been awhile since I've updated you guys on the status of NB. As most of you can tell its pretty dead around here.... I've been really busy with school and working full time I haven't had time to play Minecraft or any games in that matter. Well starting next week I will finally have time to go back to my normal playing! Meaning NB will be getting a new and improved look! But I need your help, i've recently helped my mom pay over $20,000(usd) for school and i'm kinda broke. So I cannot keep paying for the servers on my own. I will be opening a "sponsor" role for the server later tonight for those who are willing to help pay for everything. Sponsors get high priority to new NB features, and will be able to see what the money is being used on. I will have more details on the new role later.

Lets get into our packs we will be hosting, I know a lot of you love Crack Pack and Infinity Normal, well that's good and all but they're outdated and need to be replaced. We will be slowly updating the Servers to 1.10+ packs. Meaning the new DW20 pack is in questioning along with a pack a few members are testing out for me as we speak. I will be keeping one 1.7.10 pack, so use this strawpoll to vote for the server we keep open.

Now the fun part, I will be redoing the website to look more modern and fixing up this old place. NB has been around for 3 years and the website hasn't changed much. I will be taking ideas and tips from you guys on what to add or remove. Please post on the forums some suggestions or some cool donation features you'd like to see. Suggestions Forum

I would love feedback on this post so please comment any ideas you have for me or anything you would like to see in NB in the coming weeks, I love you guys and hope to see you around soon! 



Staff Members Needed!

LordHalo Owner posted Jun 8, 17

Hey Bingers!

Long time no talk, we are in the midst of our summer reboot and are in need of staff members! If you would like to join the team and apply you can do so here! 


Hope to see old and new faces here in the coming weeks! 


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